Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010

First of all I have the best friends in the world THANKS so much for all your encouraging comments and good wishes. It's always hard moving....but moving across the world is especially hard so we appreciate it more than you will know.

We made it to Germany safe and sound. It was such a nice trip besides the fact that Chris got strep throat along the way HE WAS SO SICK with a burning hot fever. So I tried to do as much as I could without his help. He was such a good sport when I needed him though. From SLC to Houston Taimi slept the whole flight from Houston to Frankfurt Germany Taimi was awake the whole time and FINALLY decided to sleep about 10 minutes before we landed. We arrived to Hanau our new home (which we love) Friday morning to 3 of our team managers they were so incredibly welcoming it was refreshing. Chris immediately had to take some pics for the media than we headed to our hotel we have beens staying in a nice hotel right in the middle of town while we wait for them to get our place ready. We told them no hurry we are enjoying the maids and free breakfast. Chris's team is awesome his coach's are nicer than you can imagine. We LOVE it here. I can't wait to show you all the pictures of the town.
We stayed with my Mom for Christmas it was so wonderful she made her home so warm and seasonal.
We got tickets to The Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater. We loved it! The play was great! We will be doing this every year from now on it's definitely a new Miles Family Christmas tradition.

Christmas morning was fun Taimi actually seemed interested and enjoyed unwrapping presents
Our Christmas was super simple this year nothing too exciting. We were just so happy to be home.
We were super happy to get to see so much family but so sad we didn't get to see more friends.

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Haley said...

Haha, my nephew got that same little musical dog toy from his grandma! (Are you as annoyed with it as my sister-in-law and I are? The first thing we did with it was find the "off" switch, hahaha)

I'm so jealous you got to go to Christmas Carol! We were going to, but it's just too pricey. I do highly recommend though that next year if you're around here, go to the Candlelight Christmas at the This Is The Place park. It is SO COOL, Taimi would love it!