Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best New Years EVER

We got invited to our friends cabin up at Timberlakes for New Years eve and definitely took them up on that offer.
Chris got to kiss two girls that night. There was too much fun and excitement there was NO WAY Taimi was going to go to bed. So she stayed up till after midnight....ok quite a lot after midnight :).
Here is the crew some were old friends some were strangers but we all left good friends it was so much fun. Three of us has little ones running around and the other three girls were pregnant so we had a lot to talk about.

In the morning we got to go snowmobiling and sledding.
They have a road that goes on FOREVER winding down and down and down so we would race down on sleds and get pulled back up with the 4-wheeler.
Seriously it was BY FAR the funnest sledding hill in the universe
Ashley H. is one of the funnest girls in the world (just like me) lol so we have a lot of fun together
Here is me cruising down the hill beating Ryan and Ashley at a race...ok they gave me a head start. Ash is a pro.

Getting pulled up by the 4-wheeler.

Thanks Ryan and Ash for such a good time. We love you guys so much and can't wait to get together again. Oh and Brynlee Taimi misses you!

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Hope your Holiday season was relaxing and memorable.
Oh and thanks for all the Christmas cards you all look amazing!!


KaSs MiLeS said...

my family had a cabin up in timberlakes until i was about 20. they have some GREAT sledding hills up there. we loved our cabin.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Glad you made it safe and i love reading your blog and seeing how you and your cute family are doing! Miss you ash! LYLAS:)