Monday, January 24, 2011

Our New Home

Man, I seem to say "this is our new home" a lot.
However difficult it may be EVERY single time we move whether it's physical or emotional almost always it's both
It's such a blessing to know that wherever Chris and Taimi are there is our home!
We have moved 8 times in 3 years thats a lot of moving especially when some of those were across the world rather than a city or state.
ALL of those places I consider a home we cherish the memories and they will be missed.
For our little family "home" is more of a feeling than a location or a has to be!!
The MTab rings more true when they sing "home is a special kind of feeling"
We have been staying in a hotel right in town we have been here almost 2 weeks. The breakfast in the morning and free maid service is just delightful but I am missing cooking and getting very sick of eating out all the time.
We move AGAIN on Saturday before Chris's game into our new flat.
Enough of that let me introduce you to our town....
Welcome to Hanau Germany AKA The Brother's Grimm town

You see these two brothers were born right here in Hanau and spent majority of their early childhood right here amongst theses cobblestone streets.
The brothers Grimm are incredible I have already learned so much about them. Together they wrote the fairy tales of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel (Tangled), The frog Prince, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Hanzel and Gretel and I am sure many others. It's safe to say Disney owes most their fame and popularity to these two magnificent brothers.
This is the square the basketball gym, hotel and, we are told, our flat is about a 3 minute walk but thats pretty typical here in Europe everything is walking distance.
The population is over 88 thousand
The town dates back as far as the 11 hundreds
most the town was destroyed during WW2 by British air strikes it was taken over by the US army shortly before the strikes.
It holds HUGE US army garissons up until 2008.
Since it was destroyed most of the old charm is gone but I am headstrong and going to find all the history there is to find in this giant town.
Our ward is in German but everyone speaks wonderful English most everyone is willing to translate. Their is a couple in our ward who just came from Kiev Ukraine and are heading to Rome Italy because he is the architect for the church and is going to start on the Rome Temple and just finished the one in cool is that he rocks!! They have a house here so they are here when they are not working on a new temple.
We just got a new bishop yesterday and guess what?? He is a BYU alumni and is so so so very welcoming and eager to help.
Everyone literally Everyone is enchanted by Taimi I have never seen so many people stop dead in their tracks to watch her walk down the street. Honestly everyone smiles and waves at her especially the adorable little Asians. She is becoming quit the charmer everyone is entranced by how adorable she is! I love it!
The town knew we were coming before we arrived so at Chris's first home game we were greeted by dozens of people and even some presents for Taimi. She is so spoiled here.
All is well I can't wait to move into our flat we were talk pictures and show you soon.


Stefanie Bell said...

It's so cool the awesome experiences you guys are having!! I'm sure it would be so hard to move again..but you sound so positive about it!! Enjoy Germany!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh my goodness, how perfect! I love how neat your new ward is - it seems perfectly tailored for the Miles. I also love how much they all love Taimi - but let's be honest - whether you're in Germany, CR, or Timbuktu - that girl is ADORABLE!!! We love you guys, miss you and hope you are loving every moment. Can't wait to see your (kitchen including) apartment!

PS. I had no idea the Brother's Grimm wrote all those fairy tales, what an enchanting history to be apart of in your city!!!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

So glad you guys made it there safely! That looks so amazing, like in a movie and not real life. You guys have moved a lot but I bet it's fun for a changes every once in a while. Miss you guys. Love ya! Keep the updates coming. I love to see what you guys are up to.

Cindy said...

Your words are sweet and heart felt I'm so happy you are fitting in well there feeling the warmth of the people as they reach out to you all. I agree home is where your heart is. what a beautiful family you have started with eternal memories together. I'm looking forward to watching for your photos as you keep making memories in Germany. I love you Mom