Friday, January 21, 2011

Chicago the day I will forget....unless I post about it

So the flight home from the Czech Republic to SLC for Christmas was the LONGEST 29 hours of my life 18 of which were in compelte sunlight. We were chasing the sun all day long. We started in good ol' Prague the city I love with all my heart and soul. We were dropped off at the Prague airport with no direction or cell phone. Just us three hand in hand ready for the long journey back. Chris was super excited to leave C.R. but I had a heavy heart and wanted to stay. Once our rides left we realized there were two more bags left in the car (and still to this day in the CR)...oh joy we were off to a great start. At the time thousand of flights all across Europe were being cancelled. The two other Americans didn't leave until about 2 days after us due to the weather. Luckily we were heading to Switzerland and all signs were go once we arrived in Switzerland we had to go through customs lol they wouldn't let us through because of our passport (we didn't have enough stamps) LONG STORY. Anyway we had to go to a back was intense and we were scared. We had to catch another flight. Our story checked out and they let us through (obviously).
Then we were off to Chicago for our next stop. When we got there it was a big mess there were so many people EVERYWHERE. Flights had been delayed hours and hours before we arrived so everyone was tired and on edge.
This is us arriving at the SLC airport at 5am!! At this point it had been over a day since we slept. But hey thats just what happens when you travel across the world around Christmas time.
Taimi is the best little traveler she does incredible. Even though she doesn't sleep that much she also doesn't whine or complain she will just sit there on your lap or in her own seat for hours. It's the best!!
Ok back to our story eventually our flight was delayed too only about 11 hours!! Yep 11 hours!!! Can you believe it. 3 of those hours we were on the plane while they de-iced the wings and etc. We met some really awesome people had some great conversation. Taimi loved walking around the airport. To be honest it wasn't all that bad. The picture above was when the storm was just beginning.
We made the best of the situation. But I think it was just because we knew we were going to be drinking dr.pepper and eating cafe rio in a few hours :)
To be honest though being together is always the best. We can be anywhere traveling to anyplace and with Chris's hand in mine and Taimi on my hip nothing else matters all is well!!

All in all it's 29 hours that felt like a complete week.

I just can't forget Swiss airlines they are the pishest of posh! I loved them. They fed us the yummiest food drinks ice cream and chocoaltes. They came down with something for us at least every 45 minutes. Not to mention they would filter though the air system some delicous citris smell that was so refeshing. There is nothing worse than stale plane air....yuck! Swiss airlines we love you!


Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

Oh my goodness...A LONG DAY doesn't do this justice! You guys are troopers! And you guys make me so excited for our baby! You're such a cute little family! xoxo

Kat Clark said...

Ashley something that is so refreshing about you is your undying optimism. I love it because I KNOW that it's real. Sometimes there are bloggers out there who fake optimism constantly and it's so obvious and obnoxious. But when I read your blog I always smile and know that the big grin on your face I see in all your pictures is real and heartfelt. Thanks for always being a bright spot in the blog world. Hope Germany treats you as well as the CR did. Big hugs!