Saturday, February 12, 2011

LIfe and the after life

It's been a crazy few days. Chris's best friend died Thursday night my Grandpa has been battling cancer for years and might be leaving us in the very near future. Our Brother and Sister-in-law are having a baby today.


We are flying home in about 6 hours we arrive in SLC Sunday around 2 to say HELLO to Gauge Miles. We can't wait to meet you.

Then we will be driving down to Sunny San Diego to tell my Grandpa we love him and to give him the biggest kiss ever!

Then we will drive back to Utah to attend the funeral. Chris has the great honor of being a pallbearer. I am excited to experience these vulnerable times with Chris it will most definitely bring us closer.

It's such a sacred and growing opportunity to say hello to a new beautiful life and bid farewell to two unforgettable absolutely incredibly gentlemen (all who which will get their own blog post soon) all in the same week.

Then we head back to Germany right in time for Chris's Bi-week. We still need to plan where we are headed that weekend.

Anyway you wont hear from us until we return....or maybe you will only time will tell.

Love you all. Wish us happy travels.


Nicole Christensen said...

It sounds like you have your schedules pretty booked. But if you have any free time at all, we would love to see you. Keep in touch. If you are here on Friday, you and Tiami should come to Storytime with us at the provo library. I know she would love it and she could hang with all of her boyfriends. Dash, Hayes, Kingston ect.

KaSs MiLeS said...

So sorry about your grandpa and kyle. What an emotional week for you guys! I'm glad we get to see you guys on our big day. We got Chris email and left the keys at dons for you and are welcome to take it to California, should save you tons of gas money, it gets around 40 mpg.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about Chris's friend and your grandpa. What a blessing you're able to go home and be with the ones you love at this time. I'm so grateful you have that opportunity! Happy Valentine's Day and safe travels. Love you guys!

Allison J Brown said...

I will be praying for both of you guys! I am so sorry about Chris' friend and Grandpa Dravland.

I had no idea you are coming to Utah! Let KC and I know when you get here :)

Love you guys !