Friday, February 11, 2011

Paris 2 of 2 **DISNEYLAND**

Would you believe that we got our Disneyland hopper tickets for only 40 Euros :) we did.
It was a steal of a deal which made us very excited.
The walk to the entrance and gates into Disneyland was incredible and incredibly LONG.
When you get as excited and anxious as I do a walk like that lasts forever.

Would you also believe that Taimi has been to Disneyland 3 times in her 1 year on this earth?
She has :)
The day we found our Taimi was a Taimi and not a Sammy (girl) we got home from our morning ultra-sound and Chris looks at me as he jumps on the bed with a big smile..."wanna go to Disneyland?" I couldn't have said yes fast enough. So we drove to Disneyland for the weekend when Taimi was 20 weeks old. It was awesome. It was during the basketball season so we didn't have to much time there.
Lots of things at this Disneyland were different but some were the same. All in all it had the same magical feeling. The food was all different. They didn't have churros or my yummy pineapple whip ice cream :) but they did have delicious doughnuts.

Main Street

This is inside the castle...oh the castle! It was so beautiful the stain glass and sparkled trees blew me away

There was a mote and waterfalls and look at those was such a fairy tale.

There was a ride called "Alice's curious labrynth" it was by far my favorite mostly because Alice's Adventures in wonderland is my favorite book. But it was really cute. The queen of hearts had a castle. Taimi and Chris loved to sit on top of it.

Queen of Hearts great castle we had to go through a labyrinth to get to it.

Part of the Labyrinth it was so fun!!

Taimi loved walking around more than riding the rides. She loved all the window displays the most.

I have the best husband and Taimi has the best Daddy. Seriously he is always such a good sport about everything and even will wear hats like this around. He actually really likes the hat and picked it out but I am glad he is a kid at heart and will run around Disneyland with me skipping and laughing. He finds the desire and energy to take us to beautiful and magnificent places.

Taimi walking around Main Street enjoying the stores and window displays

They have these moving walk ways that are forever long and almost take you from the Disney Village (kind of like downtown disney) All the way to the parking lot. Now these were Taimi's favorite things on earth. When we are at the airport this is all she wants to do.

This is a cute little gas station close to disneyland we really loved this billboard

It's my adorable little tiger at the tigermarket....and than we got snacks gas and headed home.


Allison J Brown said...

Disneyland looks so fancy! I love this post.. looks like you guys are having the time of your life over there! Wish we could come visit! Love you both!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I can't tell you how much fun I had looking through all your pictures on Facebook when you first uploaded them but I love reading about them here EVEN more because I get to hear all the background stories. It's so funny that when we talked I said so little about France because looking through your pics reminds me how ENCHANTING that city really is! I can't believe I didn't remember how amazing all those buildings are and how incredible it is to see them FIRSTHAND! Little Taimi has quite the life, doesn't she? 3 Disneyland visits?! Goodness, Jonathan's never even been!

OH I'm so happy to see your lovely adventures! You look amazing, you and Chris are just as in love as ever, and little Taimi is just the cutest, happiest baby girl in the world! What more could the Miles ask for? Besides maybe not having to drink their soap...haha

Miss you Ash! Love you!