Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taimi Adaline

Some things I need to post before I forget...

Changing your diaper, eating and getting you dressed is a battle EVERY TIME. You just have no time for such things. There are far to many things to do of greater importance such as,

Sucking on and ruining every single pair of headphones we have
Picking songs on our IPad and dancing to them
Hiding in your play tent from us
Climbing in and out of the tub
Coloring on everything except your coloring books and paper
Hunting down and successfully finding and eating any and all candy in the house
Going through everything in Mommy's purse and diaper bag

You cant live 10 minutes without your purple blanket the first time you were looking for it and found it swirling in the washer was the end of the world for you.

You love going to Daddys basketball games because it means you can run around and climb stairs for 3-5 hours's exhausting to write...but yes that is truly what I have to do nearly the whole game.

The stroller is your new nemesis you love to walk all on your own, eat all on your own, climb in and out of bed all on your own, get ready and do your hair all on your own. You hate bows you tear them out of your hair in record speed.

You jibber jabber all day and sing all night especially in the bath tub

Every time you hear your Mommy and Daddy laugh you chime's a beautiful sound.

You love attention. You love when people are watching you in which you will turn to them wave and say hi...giggle...cover your smile with your hands in a shy humble way than giggle some more while wiggling your cute poofie diaper bum. The more they smile and giggle back the more excited you become.

You use hand gestures while you talk.

You will only use one sippy cup. Your red and silver winnie the pooh sippy.

You love escalators and elevators and could ride them all the day long.

You are 16 months old and growing so fast. 2 more months and you will be in nursery. THE ONLY ONE IN Nursery that is in the whole ward.

Today we woke up in our new flat with a fresh mesh blanket of snow. We went to get a curling iron for me and a sim card for our phone. We went to the outside fresh market and purchased 20 Euros of fruits and vegetables...yummy. We went and got a traditional Doner for lunch. Met with the missionaries and helped them put together a new ward mission plan. Gave away a Book of Mormon. Waited for Daddy to get home from practice and we both fell asleep in his arms. It was a good day!

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KaSs MiLeS said...

she sure sounds a lot like her cousin Story! We miss you guys!