Thursday, February 3, 2011


Chris only has practice 3 days a week....yes let me say that again CHRIS ONLY HAS PRACTICE 3 DAYS A WEEK!!
It's amazing and hard to get used to.
Today Chris said "I am a full time stay at home Dad and a part time Basketball player, how cool is that??"
He doesn't have anything till Sunday so he asked me if I want to go to Paris tomorrow...for reals! Chris asked me if I want to go to PARIS FRANCE on Friday. Paris is only 3 hours away. It's not necessarily on my list of places to go but since he asked and it's Paris heck yes!!

Today I woke up and while my two little bundles of joy were sleeping I ran to the market to get some fresh pastries and milk.
Our kitchen doesn't have any cupboards so we have to shop daily due to lack or storage space.
It was snowing HUGE snowflakes while I walked it was very peaceful and a great way to start my day.
While I was on my way to the market I stopped into some boutiques to try on some things.
I am getting SO SO SO VERY SICK of the clothes that I had to fit into ONE suitcase...heaven help me I can't make it till April...I need new clothes.
But due to our budget it's not really in the cards for me.
Chris gave Taimi a bath which always end up being them both playing in the water for a hour or so.
We were too slow putting Taimi's diaper on. She ended up pooping and peeing on the floor. Chris and I laughed and put her back into the tub.
We love moments like that!
We took Taimi to gymnastics...she rocked!!
We are at an Italian restaurant...they sponsor the team so we eat for free KAZAW....Sweet!
We skyped Camille and played while Chris went to practice and now we anxiously await his return.


Daryl and McCall said...

Paris, how exciting!! Definitely don't miss going inside Notre Dame, it was one of our favorite places :)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

OH my gosh!! OH my gosh!!! I can't even believe how exciting this is. I cannot WAIT to see pics! Ash, you better take millions - don't fail me now! And how fun for little Taimi, she'll have traveled the world over before she can tie her own shoelaces! Priceless.

We love you guys and hope you have the time of your lives. You deserve it!