Saturday, March 26, 2011

Juicy to the Rescue

I don't look good in one pieces, I don't!
I let that become an excuse to not wear one.
To be honest I have only tried a handful on my whole life.

In the last General Conference there were TWO (2) talks both by members of the 12 who spoke directly to Mothers. One specifically to Mothers and Daughters.

So once I read this I knew I needed to be more careful around Taimi and work a little harder to be better.

"If the mothers are thrifty, so are their daughter. If the mothers are modest, so are the girls. If the mothers wear flip flops and other casual clothing to sacrament meeting, so do their daughter. Mothers, your example is extremely important to your daughters."
Elder Ballard

I am not necessarily immodest but some of my swim suits are...wait a second doesn't that make me immodest? (rhetorical question)...anyway

I was on the hunt for the perfect one piece. One I knew I would feel good in.

Juicy Couture came to my rescue.
I just LOVE their swim dress!!

I am very pleased and excited to say that I purchased one of these four.
Now I have to try and find one for Taimi...I love to match with her sometimes.
Which one is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

As a teenager, I tended to wear two or three competitive style suits at a time, so looking good is not something I thought much about. These are adorable, though.

Daryl and McCall said...

THey are all so cute! I must say though, I got the Juicy Couture one a while ago in hot pink and the skirt came kind of long so that it just looked like an impossibly short dress and I looked like a slutty salsa dancer. so I sent it back :/ I'm sure you would look darling in it though, I have a weird body for swimsuits

KaSs MiLeS said...

Navy one is definitely my favorite. I like that quote a lot. I need to put that up in my house somewhere. It's so hard for me to find a one piece long enough for story, because her torso is so long that the straps dig into her skin. I bought her a one piece this year anyway and will just feel bad for her poor neck! :)

Cummards said...

Um..I know exactly what talk you are talking about, and it was given before I was pregnant again! Sadly my thought was..."oh man good thing I don't have a girl yet!" How sad huh, it shouldn't really matter if i have girls or boys. I do have one one piece, and it is a juicy swimdress. Lee swears its his favorite suit of mine too! So this is the year I"m on the hunt for another one, love the ones you put up!

Allison J Brown said...

Ashley you are so funny!... I have never heard someone comment they don't look good in one pieces! Usually the complaint is the other way around. Like me.. I wouldn't be caught dead in anything that shows my stomach. (and not for high standard/moral reasons either!)
I just can't believe you wouldn't look good in a one piece because you CAN pull off a two piece :)
Your swimsuits are cute.. I like some swimsuits from modcloth.. They carry the retro 50's looking ones.
Miss you guys!

Amy and Andrew said...

okay i want one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taffers Dawn said...

Those are super cute!!! My dad pointed something out to me the other day in the new era. He's always been for one pieces because of what the general authorities have said, in the new era (i believe it's this month) they actually talked about swim suits and mentioned that tankini's are now acceptable (as long as they are modest ones) as alot of times they are more modest than 1 pieces. So I just thought I'd share that with you. I admire your willingness to change and don't want to put a kink in your plan but thought I'd share with you what I learned.

Kayla R. said...

I LOVE all of those!!!