Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unforgettable Moments Just For Me

In a General Conference talk Elder L. Tom Perry says "...teaching in the home apply to both parents, but they are especially crucial to the role of a mother. Fathers most often spend much of their day away form home in their employment. That is one of the many reasons so much of the responsibility for teaching the child in the home falls on mother."

Sometimes I lose site of the fact that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with one of his dearest daughters to help her to develop and learn to help her exercise faith and skills...yes even at 17 months old.

I thought I was doing a terrible job because to be honest I haven't been sitting her down with flash cards nor reciting the alphabet.

I pray every night that I will be the Mother Taimi needs me to be however I wasn't sure if I was doing a good job.

Until Sunday...

you see Taimi's Grandma Kristi is an extraordinary and is most definitely the best seamstress on the planet. She makes Taimi these incredible blankets and quilts one of which Taimi cherishes and carries with her everywhere she goes.

When I put the purple blanket in the washer for a good scrub she will search the house high and low until she sees it spinning in the little window which than she sits and watches until it beeps sometimes she tries to open the door crying. Her little world ends when she doesn't have or can't find this blanket.

She absolutely LOVES it. It's her comfort her safety. This blanket is her entire world.

We were in Sacrament and a little girl a little older than Taimi kept taking her toys Taimi would "play" tug-a-war with her until it was retrieved.
I was worried one or the other would strike but no one did until the little girl yanked Taimi's blanket.

I sat back to see what Taimi would do but this time I was on my toes in case Taimi was going to let this little girl have it because it was her blanket of all things.

The spirit engrossed me and tears swelled up in my eyes when I saw what she did.

Taimi walked over to this little girl rubbed and patted the girl on her head and shoulder with so much care than slowly pulled the blanket from her grip replaces it with a book and walked away.

In that moment
the spirit whispered quietly "see, you are doing a great job"

maybe she doesn't know where her ears are but she sure does know how to be kind and loving. And Realized some things are more important than her blanket.

"A mother-daughter relationship is where a daughter learns how to nurture by being nurtured. She is loved. She is taught and experiences firsthand what it feels like to have someone care about her...encourage and believe in her..."
Elder Russell Ballard


elizabeth kartchner said...

that is so beautiful ash.
you are a wonderful mom... and how sweet is Taimi?!

I hope it doesn't mean I'm a bad mom since Quincey is at the stage where she likes to hit... haha. She is so sweet after saying, "im sorry momma."

being a momma to 3 daughters of god now, I love the last quote so much. I'll have to print it out.


VictoriaHale said...

I love that!!!! Amazing story Ash, and I know you are a great mom!

KaSs MiLeS said...

That is really cute. Smart girl. She'll learn her alphabet and stuff, kids pick up on a lot whether you sit down with her or not.

kiki comin said...

what a sweet that quote. it is perfect.

eyelift said...

Really nice post this one is! Taimi is really sweet little girl. You would be very very happy with her and your family too.