Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come fly with me...

Mothers Day is just around the corner and I would love this nest necklace I think it's so perfect for a Mom.

I am usually a locket girl but
right now I am so into these whimsical hot air balloons I want them all so badly and these are just the necklaces there are the most enchanting earrings and rings too.
If I had a house, or an apartment, a townhouse or even a flat it would have it's fair share of hot air balloon decor, vintage tea pots and Cuckoo clocks.
I am not sure what it is about hot air balloons but they make me feel like drinking a creamy vanilla soda on top a green grassy hill making shapes out of fluffy bubbly bright white clouds.

Or they make me feel like I am in my own little curious magical wonderland kind of like Alice's
Or strolling through the wonderfully beautiful teeny tiny streets of Paris.
Hot air balloons also remind of one of my favorite holidays the 4th of July.
In the mornings in Provo, Utah...the sky is speckled with them it's beautiful!

Bottom line Hot Air Balloons are fabulous (along with Cuckoo clocks and tea pots)


jen* said...

LOVELY!!!!!! i want one too :)

eyelift said...

Really these are wonderful designs to watch. Its looking like expensive necklace. You would be happiest person after get this.