Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whats Hot in April --Vegetables--

Before we get into some of the best vegetables April has to offer and their benefits
let me briefly touch on 5 of the 13 vitamins your body absolutely needs.

Vitamins A*C*D*E*K

V-A key to good vision, healthy immune system and cell growth. To much V-A can do more harm than good so be careful.

V-C strengthens and protects immune system,and fights cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and believe it or not skin wrinkling

V-D Your body needs V-D to absorb calcium. Calcium not only keeps your bones strong but also your muscles including your heart. If your muscles don't get enough calcium they can cramp, hurt and feel weak.

V-E is essential for a strong immunity and helps develop and maintain healthy skin and eyes.

V-K helps your blood clot along with keeping the calcium in your bones and out of your blood vessels.

Now on to the vegetables!

PARSNIPS (the potatoes spunky brother)
If you have never tried a Parsnip now is your chance they are best in the month of April.
Parsnips provide an excellent source of Vitamin C,
Parsnips are also a great source of Fiber, and for you Mothers-to-be folic acid, along with a great source of the B6 vitamin (that will give you energy)
I say the Parsnip is the potatoes spunky brother because it has a lot of the same benefits as potatoes but with fewer calories and more B6 (energy) and folic acid.
So you pregnant ladies out there stock up on Parsnips this month.

(mmmm my favorite)
Magnesium is a mineral to look for. The benefits are enormously crucial to the function of the body, it keeps blood pressure normal, bones strong and the heart rhythm steady and it just so happens artichokes are jam packed with it. Along with vitamins A and C. Side note for you people out there with diabetes; Artichokes contain a carbohydrate that is in the form of insulin that will improve your blood sugar levels.


Like almost all other vegetables Asparagus is low in calories however what sets the asparagus apart from the other vegetables is they are relatively rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Asparagus is jam packed with Potassium, vitamin K, C, A, B6, along with folic acid.

Is in the cabbage family and is packed with vitamins C and K among others. It also contains a mineral called boron that is believed to help prevent cancer.

Head to your local grocer or farmers market and look for these vegetables they should be less costly in the month of April.

Happy Eating!


eyelift said...

You are right. These vegetables can be effective in this season. I am totally agree with the things you define about those vegs and it's benefits.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Mmmm.... I love vegetables! I didn't realize they were so good this month. Just another reason why I can storm the local market this week :) Thanks girl!