Monday, April 4, 2011

Jen and Friede Rike

I have made some wonderful friends here in Hanau.
Friede Rika (on the left) instantly took me under her wing and took care of me. Her and her boyfriend Sebastian are always there for Chris Taimi and I. We are happy to call them friends.
They both help me out so much with Taimi. They are amazing.
Jennifer and I were instant friends her and her wonderful boy friend Thomas have been incredibly awesome and such good friends. They live right down the street from us and are always there to lend a helping hand.
She is also my running buddy in the morning and my step aerobic partner at night. As if step isn't already difficult try doing it in German. :)
They are just two of the many many friends we have met while we have been here and we have only been here since January. We are sad to say that the season is ending in 2 weeks and we will be coming home. We are going to miss every single one of the amazing people we have met so very very much!!
I love these girls!

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jen* said...

WE LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!