Monday, May 16, 2011

Heidleberg, Germany

Our friends Zach and Chantelle came and toured some of Europe with us.
We went to Heidleberg, down the romantic road, the sleeping beauty castle, Austria, and Czech Republic.
These next few posts will be details of that trip.
The night before they flew in Taimi and I made a sign for them for Chris to hold.
Zach was one of Chris's favorite missionary companions Chris got to train Zach and they both loved every minute of it.

The Humphreys flew in around 1pm.
**Survival tip number 1 when traveling to Europe is DO NOT go to bed when you arrive until Europe goes to bed.**
so since it was mid afternoon we headed to Heidleberg Germany one of the most romantic places in the world.
With it's cafes, narrow streets, twinkling lights and only about 1 hour or so away it's perfect for a little day trip. So we picked them up and made our way.
Heidleberg was the first little village I saw in Germany when we first arrived and I fell in love with it.
Two of my favorite things in the village is the castle at the top of the mountain and these little balls full of perfection!!

There are 3 ways up to the castle. 1. a tram (which was broken) 2. these stairs :( no thank you!! and 3. this cobble path.
Since we have a stroller we opted for option number 3.
A breathtaking view the freshest of air and good company it was fabulous.

Heidleberg we will see you when we return.
Thank you for being so beautiful.
After the castle, walking around the city, shopping and eating great food we took our sleepy travelers home to rest.
Day 2: Frankfurt, Germany

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Allison J Brown said...

your pictures are amazing! Good to hear you enjoyed Germany!