Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We're Home

How did our travels go? The team picked us up in a european car which means we had to leave a few things behind one being our stroller. You traveling Moms can understand how great it is to have the stroller when traveling.
Our first flight was delayed which resulted in us missing our connecting flight home. Did I mention is was 10PM at night and the last flight of the night bound for SLC. Our airline wasn't going to get us a hotel room but after a few stern words, streaming tears and a tired baby (the tears were mine by the way) they finally agreed to get us a room.
So we slept in the beautiful city of San francisco had a delightful breakfast and headed for home.
Since we have been home we watched our brother become a DOCTOR! Yep he graduated BYU with his PHD. We partied at Noah's Place.
Had the greatest Easter egg hunt known to man hosted by my handsome bro KC and his beautiful wifey.
Celebrated my sisters 30 th birthday.
We have spent a lot of time at Trafalga since we got "THE PASS of ALL PASSES" (which rock in every single way) everyone should get one.
Chris and I are both unemployed and are really enjoying all the family time. Chris is busy every single day in June with coaching and camps so we are trying to take advantage of the free time As i am writing this we are packing our bags AGAIN. This time we are headed to Disneyland for our 3rd annual Mothers Day getaway. I can't wait!! Taimi will also get to meet her great grandparents and spend time with her Grandma Julie.
Thanks to my Mom Chris and I get to go to the gym TOGETHER every day which is awesome and usually rare. Since Chris's profession is an athlete so he never wants to workout outside of his job.
We didn't fall off the planet we have just been busy doing nothing together :)

Sorry for the lack of of our last trip in Europe and Disneyland will be presented soon.

HAPPY 30th LIZ!! I can't wait to party and dance with you.

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