Monday, May 16, 2011

Rothenberg, Germany

We traveled down the Romantic Road. It's a little highway that travels through these incredilby old mid evil towns that are freckled along side it. Most the towns still have their town/city walls equipped with motes and everything. This town Rothenberg was by far one of my favorites. The city wall went all the way around which was really incredible.

This is the entrance into the city.
Seriously how cool is that?
It rained on us the whole time but I think we were distracted by the city to really notice.

This was the main road in the town.

Trying to keep Taimi dry.
She loved this trip cause we NEVER drove longer than 3 or so hours.
My favorite little road/walk way in all the world.

I wanted to sit here all day and listen to the rain and the bicycle bells

This was the view that we had at the old fashioned resturant that we ate at. We had a tight schedule to keep and so much other stuff to see so we didn't have time to stay to long. Although every one in our company including me wish we had. This town was so overwhelmingly full of character and priceless little shops and confection stores.

Next stop Lord Ludwigs Castle (aka sleeping beauty's castle)

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