Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle

We arrived in Nussen Germany around 10 or 11 pm. We didn't book any hotels prior so we would find the center of town or the square Zach, Chris and I would each run to 3 of the nearest hotels we would meet back and compare prices than decided. Thats how we picked a hotel for the remander of the trip. I loved it!! I usually have everything planned and an itinerary printed before we embark on any journey so this trip really kept me on my toes.
Everything was so spur of the moment. We would drive until we were done. We stopped anywhere we wanted to. Although we did have a hand full of sites that were a must see,
and Neuschwanstein castle was #1 on that list.
It's situated in Fussen Germany in Bavaria. Bavaria is incredible but thats another post.
There is quite the hike up to the castle. Between the hike in heidleberg and the hike to this castle we sure did a lot of hiking on this trip.
It's only fitting that I came across a beautiful frog prince while we were at the castle.
It was a beautiful day the first time it didn't rain on our trip so far.
The view on the right is of the castle and a majestic stone mountain with a waterfall but on the left is the Bavarian valley. MMMMM it was so peaceful so picture perfect. I wish I could capture certain moments and put them in my pocket.
This is one of the balcony's on the castle. The "little" yellow cottage on the right is King Ludwig's summer home next to the lake. It's another beautiful castle nestled into the mountain.
After the tour in the castle Zach and Chantel watched Taimi so Chris and I could go run around the courtyard and steal a bunch of kisses at the most beautiful castle in the world.

Kind Ludwig was a great swimmer due to the summer cottage on the lake. He had a great imagination. In his castle he has a room replica of a beautiful cave which is where he loved to sit and think. People deemed him cRaZy mostly because of his ideas (the cave room)
So in the night while he was sleeping they captured him and threw him in jail cause he was insane.
That night they say he drowned himself, but he can swim, it doesn't make sense.
Anyway sad story King Ludwig never got to see his castle finished he never even got to sit on his thrown which is magnificent by the way.
And thats the story of "mad" king ludwig

After the hike down we headed to Salzburg Austria driving through Bavaria. Bavaria made the drive so pleasant. I felt like I was transported into another time period or stepped into a movie perhaps the "Sound of Music" stay tuned for Salzburg...

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Linda said...

So beautiful, brings back memories from when I was a kid living in Germany!