Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easter 2011

This year Taimi participated in 3 Easter egg hunts. One just down the street at a park. I loved how the hunt for Taimi's age group was in the tennis court area. It was Taimi's first one ever so she wasn't sure what was going on. She would do one of two things either pick up the egg and throw it or run to an egg and stomp on it :) it was awesome. She was a blast to watch and she had a great time.

The second hunt my brother and his wife put on in their fantastic back yard. We had a incredible lunch with pre-made delicious sandwiches that Allison made personally for everyone.
Taimi caught on super fast cause this hunt she would actually pick up the eggs and put them in her little bucket. I nearly cried watching her learn an grow in a matter of hours.
She was so proud of herself and her stack of eggs, as she should be!

My Mother or as Taimi would call her Ya Ya bought all the grandkids great gifts. Taimi's was a dog with ears that wiggle! She loves it!
Here is her beautiful Easter Sunday dress.
One thing about Taimi is she usually has a lot to say. She fluctuates her voice and speak with her hands. It's so adorable. So he she is in mid sentence probably telling me about her latest eggs or perhaps the easter bunny's choice of candy.
Easter Sunday she got a dancing duck a picture of the Savior so we wouldn't forget what we are really to celebrate and other various treats and gifts. Last year she was so young we didn't even get her a basket or anything...I know how terrible huh?
After Church and Taimi's afternoon nap we did our own little hunt.

It was a great day!
And I know each year holidays and celebrations will just get better and better.

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Allison J Brown said...

so cute ashley! I'm glad our snakes didn't make an appearance just then !