Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Youth Conference

My sister Camille is YW President her and her ward invited Chris and I to youth conference to speak to the youth. We jumped at the opportunity. Not only do we love speaking especially together we lOvE speaking to youth.
Chris spoke about our potential and I spoke about how we can put the gospel first in our lives.
It was such a blast!!
We went to St. George and one of the days we headed to a beautiful creek for some water games and boating. We really bonded with the leaders and youth.
Chris tubed with a bunch of the dudes
And I tubed with one of the cutest girls in the world, Angie, the bishop and one of his counselors Bro. Hunt. He is one of the funniest men. I seriously laughed non-stop on that tube. "ok I am starting to panic a little." Oooop there goes my knee and back."
Our little princess loved the boat. She had a blast watching Dad while he tubed. And than fell asleep on Daddy's lap while Mommy tubed. I normally get terrified when I tubed but this time I just laughed and laughed and laughed.

After boating we all headed to Cafe Rio. Then we had a testimony meeting at the temple they did baptisms earlier that day.
It was one of the most beautiful meetings.
Chris and I stayed with all the boys in a house so after the meeting we spent the rest of the night challenging EVERY single boy there to serve a mission. Eventually we got a YES for everyone. A few met with the bishop to determine when they can turn their papers in.
It was such a neat night. Most of these "cool" "tough" kids ended the evening in tears and hugs.
We had the best time!

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Chels said...

Ahhh good for you guys! That look so fun and I know that it's really good for those kids to see some positive examples of missionary work and a happy family! Way to go!