Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Her little red balloon

While we were in Germany we didn't have a car. To be honest I loved it! Living in Europe we realized how completely inconvient parking is. If you can find a lot or a space off the side of the road big enough it's a miracle not to mention you have to pay out the wahzoo every time every place.
So we walk and walk and walk all the while enjoying the sample foods, fragrant of the many perfume shops and flower stands and street performers not to mention the wonderful people who give away balloons.
She loves to carry around her balloon as we stroll to ran our errands
Or grab a bit to eat
Europe we miss you

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Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh Ash! I love all your updates :) It's so fun to catch up with how you've been. You three have been having soo much fun and I'm so glad you're taking the pictures and posting so we can see too. Jonathan and I honestly love to sit down together and read through your posts! Taimi has gotten so big, it's almost unbelievable. It's reminding me of how much time it's been since we've seen you guys so we have to get together soon when we get back. We love you guys! Give the Miles family hugs and kisses from K&J.

See you soon girlie!