Tuesday, June 28, 2011

White Wingged Champions 1 of 3

Chris and his teammates won the championship.

They locked in the championship with 5 more games to go.

So the club team threw 3 different parties

1: for the last home game

2: for the last away game

3: for the last game....


After the game buzzer for the home game that locked in the championshop they immediately passed out Championship shirts they even had one made for Taimi

how cool is that.

After a few speeched they also passed out glow sticks turned out all the lights and played We Are The Champions by Queen hahaha awesome

The White Wings have an increidble VIP room with delicious food and drinks before and after the game. So after we sang Queen we went and stuffed our faces than danced the night away with the fans and players.

Taimi had a great night she loves to dance just like her Momma

She was beyond tired but pushed through the night with a bright smile and sweet dance moves.

Would you believe these are the brooms they use to sweet the streets?

Well it is

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