Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magical again and again

Every single year Mothers Day weekend we go to Disneyland.
This year was our third time carrying out this tradition.
I love traditions!!
They are so important in the home and being consistent is key.
The first year we went it was Chris and I.
Last year my ENTIRE family joined us
(expect Josh you stinker)
And this year Chris's Mom and Grandmother came along for the ride.
Every year the weather is perfect not to hot and breezy enough for a light jacket at times....perrrrfect!!
Every other year we do a 2 day hopper pass NOT THIS YEAR we played around for 3 days baby!!

Taimi loved it all!
She loved that she could run around, climb everything, go anywhere, see all her favorite people.
This spot was one of her favorites.
Her and I sat her for awhile.
She loved watching the ducks in the castles pond.
She loved looking at her reflection in the water.
She loved sitting there with no "real" schedule no place to be.

Peter Pan was the first ride we went on.
It wasn't crowded but it didn't matter Grandma got us on every ride in a matter of minutes sometimes in a matter of a minute...booyah.
I couldn't help but get a little choked up on this ride
last year my brother K.C. proposed to his now wife over the stars of London on the ride.
The magic feather
Taimi almost wouldn't give it back.
I love floating over Disneyland on Dumbo's back
Taimi loved Toon Town.
We spent hours there on our first day.
She loved going through the house, meeting goofy while playing on his play ground.
Everything in Toon Town was height appropriate for her.
Although she wouldn't ride Roger Rabbit's ride I was ok with that...I am not a huge fan

Oh and goofy water she loved goofy water

After lunch and watching Jedi training we met Buzz.
Taimi was in shock!
Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 are her favorite movies.
She gave Buzz a high five at least 3 times.
We were so lucky to stumble on Buzz that one day because it was the only day of the 3 he was out and about.

Grandma and Taimi got worn out and headed back to the hotel with Julie so Chris and I got to prance around the park ALONE for a few hours.
We rode at least 8 rides in 2 hours
and we are talking some of the greatest like,
Indian Jones, Thunder Mountain, Soarin, Tower of Terror (twice) etc.
We were waiting in line for Screamin when I noticed Vienna and Kip were right behind us in line so we rode the ride with them along with Soarin over California.
I loved her from day 1 on the show.
She truly is very sweet and kind.

Chris and I were running around like 2 crazy people!

Day 1 = Total Success
Taimi and I got a head start into the park early in the morning the 2 day.
we hung out near the town hall watching Mickey Mouse for almost 45 minutes.
She looked like this the whole time it was adorable.
She would hold up our camera thinking she was taking a picture of Mickey.
Eventually Mickey caught on so in between autographs and pictures
Mickey would strike a pose for Taimi so she could snap a shot.
It was adorable!
Daddy finally met up with us and we met Mickey all together.
WE love you Mickey!
Grandma LOVES It's a Small World so we rode it 3 times.
Taimi enjoyed it also.

We met practically every single Character. She cried when we met Queen of hearts and wasn't too sure about the Green Army Men.
Lunch and Dinner was always a blast.
I swear everything smells and tastes better at Disneyland.
Thanks to Julie and Grandma for keeping our happy tummies nice and full :)

This was Taimi's 4th time at Disneyland (3 in cali 1 in paris)
And we have the greatest time EVERY TIME!
This time was especially fun cause she would get excited for certain characters and would want to ride some of the rides again.
While our family was waiting for The World Of Color
Chris and I ran to get Churros
a Disneyland
MUST HAVE (at least once a day)

We waiting for the world of color for almost 1.5 hours and Taimi was a dream the whole time.
We ran out of Diapers by the end of the night so poor Taimi was so soggy but she never complained and was the best sport.
World of Color was spectacular I cried and cried and cried.
Chris was in the very back of the crowd with Taimi I was in the front missing my family.
One of my favorite songs started playing and all of a sudden I felt a kiss on my check and a arm around my waist.
Chris new I would be crying and new I loved that song
So he made his way through the crowd to me
(it's the song from Enchanted when they are dancing at the ball)
It was an awesome moment

This right here is most the reason why we make it a priority to travel going to fabulous places and seeing incredible sites...this smile or Chris's smile or mine.
She was all smiles all day!
She wouldn't nap any of the days unless she was in her Daddy's arms.
There was just too much to see and fun things to do.
Every morning this is what she looked like thrilled
She especially liked the plates and plates of breakfast that she doesn't eat
While watching Handy Mandy and MM Club House we would get ready and head out the door.
The third day was the 3 of us.
Grandma and Julie headed back home.
It was nice to have a day for just our little family.
We let Taimi pick out a toy and we went on a hunt to find Pooh Bear and his friends
But of course we had to ride the tea cups and Alice's ride

Winnie, Tiger and our sad donkey friend
We went and spent a little more time in California Adventures.
They have a store that lets you get a Mr. Potato head you stuff him AND a box with as many accessories you can fit
for only 19.95
It was a great deal it was incredible how many accessories we could fit and most are Disneyland exclusive.
I think it's in Utah but off 1-15 there is this town with a huge thermometer that sells some of the best Jerky in the world!
So we stopped for 3 bags and then headed to a play ground so Taimi could run and stretch her legs

It was an incredible trip!!
We already want to go back and can't wait!

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Chels said...

Wow! I love reading your blog! You are so upbeat and positive! I love the part about how Chris found you in the crowd! So sweet and romantic! Your daughter is sooo beautiful too! Wish you guys the best in all of your future travels!