Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Return to Prague

We arrived in Prague a little later than we expected and with the need to find a hotel that was our first task. This time we found a hot spot and used Zach's I phone to find a hotel in Old Town Square that has available rooms.

We found one that was a great location BUT now we had to find it. One thing about Prague and Paris is it's increidbly easy to get lost it's like you are in a Labrynth. All the streets look the same especially in Paris cause the buildings are the same color. So Zach said he was going to run to find it. He of course got lost and had a terribly hard time finding his way back to us. Streets go in every single direction not just up down left and right.

We made it to our hotel. Chris went with the bellhop to park the car. It was his first day on the job he had never had a car so he never had a need to park a car so therefore he had no idea where Chris should park lol it was a great way to end the day.

Our rooms were surprisingly HUGE especially for Europe. The coolest thing is you have to put your room key in a slot to turn on the lights. It took Chantel and I too long to figure that out stumbling in the dark.

This time around we wanted to see the not so well known sites like this grafitti wall. I was glad cause Zach and Chantel loved it.
Aren't they so cute we are so happy they came to see us.

"Ashley this will be so cool, I will lift you up and hold you over my head." "No Chris you will look all big and strong and I will look like an idiot."

Case and point!

Even in the mess of it all I have pure real clean love!

Segway's are underrated!! They rock!!

They are a little challenging over the cobble.

We a lot of time in Old Town for 2 reasons it's spectacular and the shopping is incredible especially for tourist who want some souvaniers.

One of my favorite pictures oa ll time.

And a little taste of Old Town panaromia view!

Stay tuned for a private concert with Mindy Gledhill, California and Disneyland 2011

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