Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"my heart is so blessed with the sound of music"

The Sound of Music the movie is a big time favorite of mine so we HAD to stop and stay a night in Salzburg Austria. One of the most perfect little cities in all the world. We absolutely had the best time. We arrived around 5pm starving. We headed to the center of town 3 of us separated to find a good hotel and than we headed to the city to eat. On our way over we passed an incredibly old church thats in the movie while the church bells were ringing. We crossed a bridge and than we were in the cutest little area it's just cobble walk ways shops and restaurants. No cars are allowed in.
We grabbed Taimi a chicken nugget happy meal and we got some Italian food at a delicious Italian food.
When we first arrived in Salzburg it took us a minute to find the "tourist" part of it. And we were totally and completely disappointed but once we headed over the bridge we couldn't believe how perfect it was.
Our camera died right after this picture and I of course forgot the charger so our friends lets us use their camera (thanks guys you rock)
Mozart was born here. This is his childhood home.
The next morning I went on an early jog around the city mostly along the river and through the Sound of Music gardens. It was so serine it was just me and beauty I LOVED IT! It was a moment I will cherish forever. Getting up and running in these cities became my favorite thing.
The next morning we got up had a great breakfast at the hotel and headed to the gardens. It was so cool knowing the movie so well and which parts were shot where. Chris even enjoyed it he finds so much joy seeing me so excited and happy. He is wonderful.
Ever since Taimi was in my belly Chris and I (mostly Chris) would sing Edelweiss to Taimi and now we sing it to her when she goes to bed. It's one of my all time favorite songs so Chris had no problem learning it for us. We might even go as far as to name our next little girl after it.
So walking the streets in Austria I would help but had the song in my heart and a skip in my step.

This fountain which is also in the movie was our favorite spot! Taimi loved it the mist coming off it cooled us down and the street entertainment was incredible.
This is one of my favorite pictures of these two peas in a pod.

I love her! I forgot why she is crying here I think the huge chain in the back conked on her head while she was going under.
In between sightseeing we always find a playground for her to run and go wild. We don't drive longer than a few hours without finding a place for Taimi to climb and slide.
A cemetery
Cemetery and church
Salzburg was amazing I wish we had one more night there.
There was a bunch of stuff we didn't get to do. My Mission President who is my hero served his mission in Austria so he told me a bunch of stuff thats a must do that we didn't do and since it's only a few hours from Germany I think we are going to head back very soon.

Next stop Prague!

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