Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Lucky

We were at Disneyland walking away from Toy Story Mania when Chris points out a little boy age 4 crying hysterically

I quickly knelt down next to him and took his hand

I asked all the people around him if he was theirs....

they all shook their heads disinterested...

**seriously people get over yourselves and pay attention to whats going on around you**

Here was this little boy scared to death crying his eyes out for who knows how long and no one had done anything
His name was Tyler and he was lost in the happiest place on the earth

I walked with Tyler in my arms to the nearest worker and told them he was lost

(FYI Disneyland has an excellent "lost child" system)

I sat on the floor right there with Tyler in my lap

He stopped crying after 10 or so minutes while

we talked about Buzz Woody and his family

another 5 or so minutes later with a lump in my throat trying so hard not to cry I saw something unbelieveably touching

His beautiful Mom was running at top speed in our direction

The terrifying look in here eyes and how her it melted away instantly when she saw her most precious son safe and sound was something I will never forget with a lump in my throat trying hard not to cry I stood up with Tyler

She swooped him up in her arms and through the tears said "thank you"
I walked away from the joyous reunion with tears streaming down my face anxious to hold Taimi in my arms

I couldn't help but think about the love Heavenly Father has for us and how much gratitude he has for those who are aware of those around them and help find those who are lost

Taimi had surgery this morning (6am)

she got tubes in her ears FINALLY

It was super difficult when the anesthesiologist wisked her to the operating room

and us into the recovery room

I wanted to be in the operating room so bad

I wanted her to know I was there

I wanted her to know everything would be ok

I didn't want her to be scared

I wanted to comfort and protect her

20 or so minutes later she was back in our arms

We are so lucky to have her in our lives safe and healthy
Thank you God!


Christina Sederberg said...

Reading this made me cry. I can't believe no one else did anything. If I lost Zach, I would be terrified. I would be so grateful for the person that found him. You were truly a blessing in their lives that day!

Friederike said...

sometimes people don´t care about their children. We had children sitting at the lost and found for hours... It was fun though to play with them =)

Monika said...

what an awesome post! i stumbled onto your site from my cousins...this one brought me to tears! thanks for the read!