Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On our way

Right now we are sitting in McDonalds in Primm Nevada about to check into the Buffalo Bills casino and ride the amazing roller coaster.

My Grandpa passed away a few days ago so we are making our way to San Diego we first stopped in Cedar City to eat Tacos and play at the playground before we got blown away we got back in the car and made our way South.

My sisters and I get to speak at the funeral :)

And we most definitley will be spending a few days at the beach, zoo and Sea World.

Tonight we ride the coaster and sleep tomorrow we bask in the sun and body surf.

Grandpa we love you and miss you!

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Haley said...

I can't BELIEVE you're there!!! I have driven past there like a million times a year since I started driving to BYU, and that's our bathroom break stop. My dad has always wanted to ride that roller coaster, and we always hit Primm too early in the morning, and the coaster isn't open. When I started driving past, it was literally the only thing there; all those shops and everything are new.
Anyways, longest comment ever; tell me if the roller coaster is fun!