Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forget me not

I blog about my beautiful life. Things that matter most to me and experiences/people/moments I don't want to forget.
My feelings after watching this man speak tonight is one of those moments.
You see I have been in great turmoil.
( I don't like feeling vulnerable or exposed but I need to share this)
I have had quite a lot of questions worries and concerns for Heavenly Father lately.
One of them being how we want to have another baby but we are just not sure
when the right time is
or if there ever will be a "right time".
Our life is unique it's unpredictable it's mobile it's foreign it's the life we love but it complicates things a bit when it comes to having babies.
I have been desperately pleading for guidance and answers to many things.
I felt a little forgotten
being away from home can do that to you once in awhile.
Than I started missing my Dad (he passed away 16 years in Feb)
and thinking, Heavenly Father since my Dad had to go please tell me what he might have said to me in answer to the questions, pleadings and desires of my heart.
Immediately the thought
appeared in bright bold letters in my mind. My Dad loved General Conference!
I know it isn't until next weekend, and I can't wait.

With Taimi and Chris in dreamland I finally have time to listen to the
I sat quietly indian leg style on our couch in the dark with headphones on listening to Broadcast soaking in the feelings with no distractions it was so peaceful.
Than this wonderfully inspired man of God stood and in minutes calmed the waves in my heart and brought peace to my mind.
The reassurance and comfort this video brought to me was as real as a warm soft blanket being wrapped around me.
And just think WE have a whole weekend of these joyfully inspired messages next weekend.

the video is taking to long to load and I am sleepy so here is the link.
Enjoy it I know you will!
Good Night


Jonathan and Kiri said...

OH Ash! I felt the exact same way and even thought of you and your questions while listening to the messages. Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was incredible. I cried as I told Jonathan about it! I watched it alone on my couch, legs crossed too. It was so beautiful as the Spirit confirmed to me what Pres. Uchtdorf was saying was true. Maybe because Satan is working so hard on all of us to forget who we truly are as women. How wonderfully blessed we are to have leaders to inspire us to NEVER forget who we really are and what really matters!

Love you! Thanks for blogging about this.

P.S. I guess we can re-evaluate what our "golden ticket" is in our lives, right?

Cummards said...

LOVED this! And yes, I too watched it alone, but in my bed. I know it applies to everyone in a different way, but I think the three of us can all relate to being far away from home and feeling alone/forgotten! I'm sure I will be listening to this a few times this year.

edawn said...

I can hardly wait for Spring to come again so I can see pretty little blue flowers pop up in the corner of my garden again. Sometimes I just sit and look out my back door, and it makes me feel happy. This talk will add to that feeling.

I hope you will enjoy the coming weekend and all the spiritual food it has to offer. I know I will.