Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kiri & Rindi GNO

I love this set of twins!
Aren't they beautiful? They are!
Man I love them. So the night or two before I left for Germany they came and picked me up for a GNO.
They had pizza, treats, Soda a huge bin of nail polish and do it yourself glitter toes and some awesome chick flicks including Rindi's wedding video :)
I don't think I have had a girls night out since before my mission unless you count Cherice and I wedding dress shopping in 2007. It was LONG over due and I had the greatest of times.

I can't wait to hang out with these two more next summer.
I am the luckiest girl alive just to know these girls.
You know the kind of people who you have a blast with the kind you can talk about deep meaningful things, express your struggles without any judgement all the while laughing your head off but leaving inspired to be a better person??
Thats Kiri and Rindi.
Another summer recap but deserving of it's own post :)

Love you guys!


Daryl and McCall said...

ummm HELLO! Why didn't you tell me you are sorely lacking in GNOs?? I am down any time you are here! We can throw together a rad group of girls I bet :)

Joe and Rindi said...

Ash, really?! You are so so sweet. I had SO much fun! Anyway, I emailed you {twice actually so prepare for a "me overload".} talk to you soon. LOVE YOU!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh Ash! You are too nice! We had such a blast. There's nothing like spending time with the people you LOVE! We'll have plenty more next summer - also we could plan a few during the season if we can get our schedules together :)