Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holland (sort of)

After we peddled around Amsterdam city Chris and Logan jumped on a tram 30 minutes later they arrived at the parking garage where our van was parked and they came to pick up us three girls from there we climbed in the car and headed to see what else this beautiful country has to offer.
Although Holland only covers 2 regions of The Netherlands
( I think there is 13 total or something like that)
I like to think this place is located in one of the 2 Holland regions
since I have no idea for now I am going with that.
I love these wooden shoes we got Taimi a pair but they are slippers. Looking back I wish I got a pair of wooden ones for myself.
I guess people really inhabit the houses in this post, I call it the most perfect village in the world.
I was thrilled we finally found it. Due to closure of some major freeways that go directly to this master peice of a place it made this a lot more complicated. Because it mattered to me however Chris found it
I guess around the Tulip season this country is COVERED in them (literally)
We had to pay for parking by the half hour so we tried to see it all in 30 minutes :( not nearly enough time if you ask me.

These two have so much fun together. I love being married to someone who is such a hands on involved Father.
When Chris is gone for 2 or so days the first thing he does when he gets back is reconnect with the two of his main leading ladies.
Especially with Taimi it seems the separation from Daddy for 2 days effects her more than any of us

This is the little bakery
Could you imagine living in one of these little houses for a few weeks out of the year (or months)
I would love it.

And that concludes our weekend in The Netherlands/Holland
We were so fortunate to get to go with our friends we hope to get to go on another trip with them while we are all here.

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Jonathan and Kiri said...

So fun!! I just love these pics. It looks just like The Best Two Years :) we have to go visit there! It's just so beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to get out for a bit. Love you all!