Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Recap

There were a lot of BBQ and dinners with our families.
Roasted Marshmallows and Eclairs by the fire

Snuggles with loved ones we miss dearly while we are away.
Playing with cousins
A lot of time at Trafalga and 7-peaks.

Playing with nieces and nephews
Picking berries from Grandma's Garden
Weekly lessons with this guy and his companion-s
The missionaries taught my brother about the gospel of Jesus Christ and Baptized him on June 25th one of the highlights of our summer.
J-$ broke his arm a week or so before he was baptized we were worried we would have to wait but the missionaries come up with a solution...tadah
My Grandpa passed away so we took a road trip down to San Diego.
It was a beautiful funeral.
My sisters and I all got to speak which was very memorable and good for us.
We all stayed in San Diego for about a week over the 4th of July so we made a little vacation out of it spending most our time at the beach.

Whats with little kids and their love for eating sand...i just don't get it.
Her and her cousins had the best time together at the beach.

Chris and I got to do one of our favorite beach activities together...boogie boarding.
My Brothers K.C. Josh Colin and Matt joined us out there too.
Just watch out for Collin he loves to ram you and take you out while riding the wave.
We played games and ate a lot of food with family.
I got to spend time with my cousins especially this handsome fella Dustin.
Like I mentioned while we were in San Diego we all got to stay in the same big house.
So we played games (losers had to do chin puppets)
Liz let loose...I love when she is crazy and silly. She cracks me up.
We all gathered at Santee Lakes where we ate amazing food played more games and ran around in the splash park.
I got to talk to my Grandma's sister Nancy about Taimi the 1st my Great Grandma who
Taimi was named after.
I love learning about my ancestors.
I got some much needed time with these cool cats. I miss them!
Little brothers Keven Jr. and Joshua Dravland the only
The people who have made me who I am today.
We just dont see them enough.
You see most people think Splash parks are for kids but nothing can keep these Dravlands from having a good time
the local LDS stake in the area hosted a 4th of July pancake Breakfast

We spent the rest of the 4th of July at my cousin Leslie and Enriques house in downtown San Diego.
They live a hop skip and a jump away from the Padres stadium so we walked there to let the kids play and also play a game of basketball.
Leslie and Enrique really hosted a great 4th of July
As it got dark we headed down to the bay to watch the firework show. They gave the stadium of fire a run for it's money.

Taimi does so well on Road trips we took two this summer one to San Francisco to visit Chris's grandparents and Mother and the other to San Diego.
We cared for and harvested our garden...we got cilantro, peas, beans, lavender, broccoli and other things (peas are my favorite)

Chris hosted 3 basketball camps all of which were a HUGE success!! They really were a lot of fun we met some kids and parents that are going to be fun to get to know.
The youngest group was my favorite.
They were good boys who really got along with one another.
We threw Taimi a Mickey Mouse birthday party.
Chris BBQ shrimp skibobs
Table equip with candy, fruit, donuts and cupcakes
bubble machine
friends and family

kiddie pool
My Mom bought Taimi this Mickey and Minnie which we managed to squeeze in our carry on...we didn't really have a choice look at that smile.
Happy unbirthday pooky!
So sad I didn't get a group picture so here are the
others who were in attendance,
Redford family
Tavernari family
Heiner family
Nixon family
LDS Missionaries
Auntie Linda, Johnny
and our families.
Thanks for making it a special day for Taimi and a great summer for us.

Other summer activites that didn't get documented
Chris's birthday bash
Chris's family reunion at Wolf Creek
scooter rides
late nights at Col-Liz and Cindys
Getaways to Park City
Baby Charlotte's debut
Blaze game

I am so glad fall is a week away.


Chelsea said...

Phew! What a fun and busy summer! You guys always keep so busy but make such great memories too!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

haha doesn't it just feel like such a weight off your back to get your summer all documented?! Love the pics! Taimi with her Mickey & Minnie dolls is darling :) I hope you are well. I've been trying to write you on Skype so hopefully I can catch you soon. Love you guys!

Angie said...

We needed to get some shots of our awesome St. George Youth Conference! What a great time we had! Especially tubing:)

Joe and Rindi said...

I love every single part of this post. Everything looks so fun-you have such a knack for capturing good pictures and documenting things. I wish so much I could do that! I'm so sad Beckam was sick for Taimi's party. I didn't know you were in California for a funeral. I'm sorry to hear about that! But it looks like all in all you had a great summer! Yep and I'm obsessed with Taimi! Her smile just warms my heart every time I see it! Love her.