Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Memories not to fade

Last night I was sitting on the couch in the moonlight AKA computer light watching Chris sing to Taimi and dance with her. A long time ago during the mission I purchased this CD Baby Mine. It became a staple in the family kind of like Franks Red Hot Lucky Charms and Pepper Jack Cheese. I wanting Chris to be able to sing these songs to Taimi and I.
My favorite songs like Edelweiss, Lullaby (goodnight my angle), and Baby Mine. And he does he sings them to Taimi all the time. I hope she never forgets those late nights when Daddy is exhausted from practice and starving from a tough workout he will put all that on hold just to have a slow dance and song with his daughter.

Today I drove for the first time alone in Germany. Did I mention we have a 9 passenger VW van...we do :) and we love it. I drove to a church activity where we made our very own oil lamps. I even got to play one of the prepared 10 virgins (phew) it was a great time. But I was so incredibly nervous to drive a stick shift down streets no wider than my hips. Not to mention the street lights.

You see streets lights generally go from GREEN to YELLOW to RED to GREEN well here in Germany they go from GREEN to YELLOW to RED to YELLOW to GREEN...weird right...totally.
Anyway sometimes I forget that when it goes to yellow I might want to prepare to GO because my whole long life of 27 years soon to be 28 in 13 days (had to throw that in there :))yellow meant to slow down get ready to stop. It takes some getting used to but honks, dirty looks, and phalanges raised in the air are great motivation.

Happy Tuesday


KaSs MiLeS said...

holy blogger batman. that's a lot of posts. i seriously wouldn't mind a 9 passenger van! be nice to spread out. :) that would take me a while to get used to too. we have a hard time driving 5 blocks to church, can't imagine how far you guys have to go!

edawn said...

I used to get a headache from driving the narrow streets in Germany, and I didn't even drive a huge stick-shift van. May the Force be with you.