Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Left Feet

Today was just one of those days where Taimi has two left feet. She fell more today than she has her entire life. She even got her first barely bloody nose today. I say barely cause barely any blood came out but it was there. She was an inspiration she got up every time she fell kept walking or running when she would stumble would climb up and go down the same slide that just knocked her on her rump.
Taimi has an unlimited supply of guts and spunk.

Nothing can get her down.
I hugged and kissed and squeezed and jumped on and flirted with this tall drink of delicious steamed milk (one of my fav drinks)
more today than I have in days and it felt so good. I can never get enough of that cute boy but sometimes I get distracted. Today I wasn't distracted.

I get bored with my hair that is and
since Camille (whose birthday it is today HAPPY BIRTHDAY)
isn't here to color my hair my dream color red
I cut bangs Kazahh!

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