Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy for Halloween

Not so crazy about living in Germany during it. Since they don't really celebrate Halloween here Germany and we don't have our own place. Not to mention anything I purchase out here I have to pack to bring home AND I don't think craft stores exist in this country. I opt not to decorate out cute little flat BUT if I did this is what I could and would do. Oh how I look forward to not being homeless. :)
What a cute Halloween banner made entirely out of paper. (found here) this one I might be able to do here.
I love this clock and witch lamp I more so love the witch lamp. Love love love it! (found here)
I love these bats fluttering into the kitchen. I also would love to put them coming around my "in my dreams" porch. (found here)
These cute little monsters are made out of recycled card board tubes. (found here) A perfect family night activity. Maybe we could managed this here too. Do you think Germany sells paint cause sometimes I feel the only thing you can purchase here is stinky cheese beer, and sausage. (i am totally kidding by the way)

Chris just finished his 2 games in the last 72 hours. They are 2-1 so far this season. Chris has gotten a double double every night (i think) which is excellent since we need to try to get in a better situation next year. My birthday is in 7 days in a half an hour it will only be 6 BOOYAH! The one thing I wanted to do for my birthday is closed on Monday BOOOO (exnay on the Yah) It's this sweet place where you climb up and through the trees through various obsticals not to mention some zip lines. So...who knows what we will come up with instead. Taimi's birthday is 2 days after mine from here on out she will definitely be stealing my birthday thunder :)

Today is a national holiday here in Germany. It's the German unity day when the two Germanys signed a treaty prior to when the Berlin wall was brought down. It's not so much celebrated as it is acknowledged. Strangely enough there was a French market out front of our flat all day.

This morning I ran my bootah off trying to burn the million calories I consumed over conference weekend. Wasn't it an amazing weekend folks. I feel so much love out here in Germany.
Taimi is asleep so Chris and I are going to watch Adjustment Bureau I love this movie.

Taimi is awesome we love her she cracks us up and scares us with her boo's every day.


Chelsea said...

How can a country NOT celebrate Halloween?!?! It's like the best holiday ever!

Lindy said...

Love you Ash! I'm sorry they don't celebrate there but I'm glad that you are at least! I too love the Adjustment Bureau! Miss you!

pnarula said...

The Wiesbaden Military Ward is having its Halloween activity on 29 October from 4PM to 6PM. Are you going to the game in Gotha that night? If not, you should come to Wiesbaden.