Friday, September 30, 2011


Between the jazz band playing RIGHT outside our flat, the music and screams from the rides down the street and Taimi singing the Backyardigans our house is full of messy music but I am enjoying it while sitting here playing games with Chris.

We went to the store and got the last few ingredients I need for one of my favorite weekends Fall Conference Weekend. It's full of food, traditions and the best company anyone can keep. I look forward to it every year along with Spring Conference.

Oktoberfest is under way (they don't really celebrate the Oktoberfest in September) there are rides music and various markets right outside our house it's fabulously German. Today Chris and I went on Spin Out it's a ride that spins I thought I was going to die from my brain exploding from the pressure of spinning and Chris thought his collar bone was cracked cause he was a little to BiG for the ride but rode it anyway we both can be a little dramatic.

Also I got to hang out with Natalie at our local gym while Chris ran errands with Taimi. He tried to be sneaky about it but after practically forcing me to go to the gym and the hidden shopping bags I tried not to see he clearly went shopping for my birthday which I am pretty excited about. He always tries to be so sneaky and cleaver but unfortunately I am always a few steps ahead.

Taimi is counting to 10... that's my cue to play hide and go BOOOO!!! Her all time favorite game.


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Cute Taimi! I love how husbands do their best to surprise but it's always so obvious. What a perfect few weeks you guys have coming up: conference, your big day, Taimis big day... It's gonna be fun fun fun at the Miles home! Miss you guys. Love you!

edawn said...

Hey, nobody told me about a birthday. I want dates!