Thursday, October 20, 2011

Legos legos and rides

We spent out last day at LegoLand. Neither of us had any idea what to expect for we have never been to a legoland. It was nice a little pricey for what you get (it's no Disneyland)

This boat ride might have been my favorite part of the day. It was a lot of fun watching Chris and Taimi in their own little boat.
Taimi took the wheel and was in complete control of the boat she decided to ram boat number 13 didn't these ladies know 13 is an unlucky number. Taimi rammed em good too hahahaha
Other than ramming other boats and going terribly slow she did a great job.
She is a natural nautical

I rode this ride and regretted every minute of it. Thanks to this hero ride I was sick the rest of the day. Stupid spinning hero arm!
Don't sweat it honey you are a king in my eyes!
We rode this train 6 times around a little play area it seemed like we went around a million times. But she loved it! Our train conductor was a cute old white haired man who waved at Taimi the whole time and gave her a high five each time she went around....really each time!

Lego world or whatever it's called was neat all the cities and buildings were based off places in Europe. It was fun to see places we had been made out of legos.
The night before and morning of it was a little chilly and rainy so I wore some boats pants and a sweatshirt...blast! It was blazin the rest of the day so by this time my feet were on fire and I was so hot.
A lot of play areas for bigger kids to play in and on which means I got to play on them also to assist out little precious nugget.
This under ground water aquarium was Taimi's favorite place in Legoland. She could have sat perched in this little nook all day long.

Since Mommy was a little sick we got to watch Chris ride some fun rides.
This one has guns on the side so passersbys could squirt them but watch out cause every coupld squirts it back fires and will get you.
Me sat by and squirted Chris until I figured it's about ready to I would sit and wait until someone would come and press it than I would watch them get soaked. I got a kick out of it. One was a lady in her 50's that was the funniest.
I thought this was funny.
We ended the day with some gelato of course.

It was a great weekend for out little bumble bee.

This trip we witnessed our first playground dilemma. Taimi was getting picked on by some 9 year old girl who practically body slammed Taimi ran into a little hiding area came out and tried to do it again. I wanted to scream at her and drag her to her stupid parents where ever they were but ran grabbed taimi and letf the area instead. As we were leaving we saw her try to do it to another kid even younger than Taimi the parents of that child looked like they were saying a few words to the little monster.
Sometimes I wonder where the parents are...get involved and pay attention parents!!!
I would so rather have my child be picked on! Cause that little girl was the worst!

Lately I run to the fitness factory (local gym) and Chris meets me their in the van. They have this cute little room Taimi plays in while Chris and I work out. It's really the perfect life.
Everyday we either go to the play ground together or gym together than we go eat lunch hang out until dinner go eat dinner hang out until practice dad goes to practice he is only gone about 3 hours at the most taimi goes to bed while mommy has mommy time waits for daddy so daddy and mommy can have daddy mommy time.
we go to bed and than do it all over again.
It's a simple but wonderful life we live.

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{lindy baker cakes} said...

I think Taimi is looking more and more like you! You're beautiful Ashley. Miss you so!