Monday, October 17, 2011

Hotel Falk

After having a grand old time at Playmobil we hopped in our 9 passenger van and headed east to Legoland Deutschland.
The hotel we were to stay at that night was about 20 minutes from Legoland in a little city called....hmmmm I can't remember.
It was the cutest little city we just loved driving through it knowing we get to spent the night here.
Besides one of the windiest roads in existence perhapes even windier than Lombard street (thats the street in San Fran right??) ANYWAY there was tons of these neon green fields and...
These giant suckers were everywhere it was funny and enjoyable.
We finally arrived at our beautifully quaint old and as you can see "top of the line" hotel :)
It was the old family run inn and it was just so German.
I wish I got a few picture of the inside.
The very old lady welcomed us at the door confirmed we were the "mills" she didn't speak English showed us to our room gave us our key that weighed nearly 6 pounds said something that seemed important in German and walked away.
uh huh? we love it here.
The beds were so comfortable and the pillows and blankets made it seem as if we were sleeping with clouds it was marvelous.
I couldn't figure out which way to turn the knob for hot water so I took a pointless 5 minute cold shower only to find I had been turning it the wrong way.
Taimi gathered all the pillows in one spot so she could leap onto them.
It was at this point I realized I left her favorite yellow winnie-the-pooh sippy cup in the van. Having wet hair and it being dark I opted to wait and see if in the middle of the night she needed it. Than I would be happy to go for her.
Well about 4ish in the morning that time came. So I pulled on my most favorite leopard print bearpaw boots along with Chris's jacket and headed down the old dark creaky staircase towards the huge door that welcomed us that night only to find it locked! huh? Has fear and confusion rushed over me. Fear coming to the realization I may or may not be trapt in this crazy old hotel and confused wondering why in the world this door is locked.
I went running up the stairs like Ralphie from A Christmas Story in his bunny outfit with my hands pounding the stairs and my boots coming up in the rear.
I run in to tell Chris the news seeing the fear in my eyes he lovingly decided he would go scope out the situation for me.
About 5 minutes or so went by Chris was still investigating OR I figured he got that giant door open and went to go find her cup.
He returned only to tell me that sure enough we were locked in the hotel and he couldn't find a soul to help us. Then he started laughing and mentioned how we were now in the hotel from tower of terror and went right back to be.
He clearly didn't realized how disturbing the situation was to me especially after that comment I didn't sleep another wink...literally.
What wierdies locking their guests in like that. I didn't care of that. Not one bit!

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