Saturday, October 15, 2011

Playmobil a fun park for a fun girl

Chris had a weekend off and since every time Chris has free time we go somewhere Chris and I want to go this time we planned the weekend for our little girl Taimi. The whole trip was planned with her in mind trying to give her the best weekend ever.
It all started with a trip in the southern part of Germany.
You see Playmobil produces GREAT toys!
However, Playmobil produces even better fun parks.
The company was founded in Germany so these toys and parks are not far between.
We started off at the slides probably our favorite area in the whole park. There was also little mats you could sit on to go even faster.
To get up to the slides we had to make our way across various rope obstacles.
Keeping steady on these ropes with a precious little bundle on your hip is no easy task this whole day was a work out and we loved it!!
They had a Noah's ark where you could play with their Noah's ark toys
(this pic is out of place)
I love this picture cause it gives you an idea of how long these slides are and how high up you get to climb through the trees.
They also had a pirate ship with a lower deck with cannons and spy holes.
You had to cross bridges over water to get onto the ship OR you could take your own little raft huckleberry fin style and row your way over.
We opted for the bridge given we have a 2 year old.
We put Taimi in shackles or what have you.
But clearly she didn't like it.
Bless her heart cause this picture just melts mine.

They had the most beautiful castle fit with secret tunnels and passages underneath it for the dragon slayers.
Taimi and Chris are in that top level of one of the steeples
This castle was fit for a queen our queen
You could joust with horses.
She was so happy perched atop her white stallion.
Ok now here are the Noah's ark toys that you could play with in a ton of different troths
We couldn't go wrong this day she was happy as a bee all the day long.
They even had a beautiful barn where you could milk cows for real well except the cows aren't real and water would come out not milk. Along with milking the cows they had horses you could brush down and feed.
The adorable barn.
Not to mention their indoor play area the multiple play grounds fitted with incredible things and huge toy area where you could play with all their toys...a child's dream right?

We stayed until they kicked us out. finishing the last few minutes we had stuffing out faces with gelato and...
a few last rides down these incredibly awesome slides.
I was sneaky enough to get her a few birthday gifts for her 2nd birthday.
Looks like we are going to make our return for a few Christmas presents as well.
After we made our way to McDonald's than to our hotel for the night Hotel Falk.
Boy do i have a story for you about this hotel but that is a whole new post of it's own.
It was an incredibly fabulous day!
A day just for Taimi.


elizabeth kartchner said...

love this ash! those pics of taimi in the circle made me smile. haha love that girl!

hugs and kisses

{Shields Family} said...

This place looks like SO much fun! Great way to celebrate Taimi's birthday :)

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Wow that looks like a childs dream park! That's so fun! Those slides look amazing, I bet Taimi was in heaven with those. Hope you both had great birthdays! Taimis hair is adorable! Did you get it cut? So cute!! Love you guys.

KaSs MiLeS said...

That looks like sooooo much fun!