Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taimi and ect

Taimi was having a cough attack during sacrament at church. We don't usually like to take her out into the hall because I don't want her to think she can get out of sacrament by being disruptive but a cough is a different story, take it away honey.

I took Taimi into the hallway to get a drink of water from the fountain, hoping that this would help her cough. After she finished drinking from the fountain she looked up and saw this picture of the Savior with John the Baptist. Immediately she announced "Ja-ee-shush-in Wahherr." I was very impressed, surely she was right. Jesus was in the water. Back to you Ash.

Thank you Chris :)

Today I smoked Chris in Marbles in a jar beating Chris at anything is rare so I am proud of myself.

The owner of the gym we work at who is a world champion flex poser who is absolutely going to pop any day now owns a huge terribly horrifying bull dog that just roams around the gym. I on one hand am terrified of the snaggle tooth dog Taimi on the other chases it down kisses it giggles with it and seems to be quite excepting of the creature Chris likes it.

We just learned you can get paid $140 Euro per kid while living in Germany from the government chaching!! And that my friends is what we will be doing tomorrow afternoon.

We set the clocks back today for day light savings I love setting the clocks back.

Taimi talks about Winnie-the-Pooh a lot but she calls him pooh for short (of course) it creates very entertaining moments and interesting stares in public.

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