Saturday, October 29, 2011


It all started with of course the opening of presents :) one of my favorite things in this world. Even if I am not the one to be opening the presents I find such happiness in watching someone open presents.
Than my cute friend Emily made a surprise visit with some presents for me and Taimi. We just love her and her adorable family. They stayed and visited for awhile.
Logan and Natalie came over to watch Taimi so Chris and I could have the day together and this is what we did.
It started at the Italian Restaurant.
I call it "the" Italian restaurant because it's the only one we eat at. we get to eat here 5 days a week for free it's in our contract. And we do eat here 5 days a week. Luckily we are not sick of it yet.
I ordered Penne Alla Panna this is what I eat about 4 days a week...seriously!
mmmm it's so good.
With full bellies well mine was full Chris's was probably half full we started on our adventure.
We picked a near by city we hadn't visited yet and made our way to Steinheim.
It's interesting how many times we pass by this city never really taking the time to enjoy how incredibly beautiful it is.
So with the Ipad in my purse playing my birthday playlist we walked and talked.

I was a little beyond happy having less to carry and worry about since Taimi was safe at home with our good friends.
I was bouncing off the walls literally!!
I think we need to get a babysitter more often.

We found this little spot and listened to Bella Notte and dream a little dream of me by my girl Ella Fitzgerald while we danced it was perfect and exactly how I imagined this day going.

This roof looks like something out of whoville. It was completely crooked.
This really is somebody's house I fell in love with it!!

We sat at this gate for so long talking acting out the songs we were listening to just having a great time.
I don't need much to be happy just this guy a little girl and that's about it.

Than we made out way to McDonalds for one of my favorite little snacks.
A caramel sundae with a hot apple pie, delicious.
We went into a questionable store after taking no less than one step into the store stunned and a little terrified we backed our way out
We started missing our little lady and made our way home.
One of my favorite birthday cakes ever, cinnamon rolls.
At first I was sad cause I didn't think Chris got me a cake an

d I wasn't sure if he was going to sing to me. But after practice at about 11:00pm he popped some cinnamon rolls in the over and tadah the house was filled with the beautiful song of Happy Birthday.
What a great day!

Thanks to Logan and Natalie for making it happen.

And especially Chris for roaming the cobble with me.


KaSs MiLeS said...

How fun!

Chelsea said...

You guys are so romantic! I love it! And the photos are stunning!