Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ding dong where has the time gone??

This hear is the view from my bedroom you see that steeple in the back?
that sucker contains a giant bell.
Said bell drives me nuts sometimes.
Not because the ding and dong shake our house but because it doesn't make any sense.
Most bells make sense like the one I lived by growing up would chime a beautiful hymn "all is well" and than ding whatever time it was which makes sense it tells us all is well at (?) o.clock.
You see I can't figure out the ringing schedule or the amount of times it rings.
For example on Sunday it rings at either 9:25am for 10 minutes or so or it rings at 9:35am for 10 minutes or so AND THEN it rings AGAIN at 10:00am for another 5-10 minutes.
It just doesn't make sense.
I wish it was consistent. whats the point? what is this bell trying to say?
Sometimes it rings at 2:00 sometimes at 3:00 sometimes not at all.
At least I can always count on that darn but beautiful bell to ding and dong at 10:00PM yes 10:00PM for exactly 100 times.
Thank goodness it never seems to bother Taimi while she sleepzzzz.
nevertheless it's beautiful and it's one reason europe is so different from America.
I went to check on Taimi while she was napping startled I didn't find her in her bed. I sat there still and quiet trying to listen for her breathing indeed I heard her and found her here in this tent her little cousin gave her for Christmas.
Chris said goodbye to his sweetie pies for 3 days and 2 nights.
It was the longest Chris and I have been away from each other since his Senior year of college.
And it was the longest Chris and I went without talking or seeing each other since our missions.
Our phones wouldn't work cause he was in Luxembourg and we couldn't skype cause his netbook broke on the way up there.
It was a rough 3 days but we survived look he even brought me the chocolate that he found on his pillow :) hahaha so thoughtful.

She is getting so big and is talking so much lately it's freakin me out.

So can swing on a swing alone ride the carnival rides alone eat without our assistance and play on the playground without our boasts.
At least she needs a good cuddle when falling asleep and loves to kiss and hug.
She has a never ending supply of "i Love you"s and freely gives them out. along with kisses. She loves to kiss us on our cheeks, lips, forehead basically anywhere we have smooched her she will smooch back and I love it!!

Today we spent our entire morning almost 4 hours to be exact at the doctor I don't care what anyone says socialized medicine is the worst!


KaSs MiLeS said...

I couldn't find story once while she was napping, I panicked, because me and Jerome couldn't see her or hear her, then we saw something move and she was trapped under her bed.

Daryl and McCall said...

Ha cute girl. I love that you just listened to find her :)
when we were in Switzerland we commented about how much it would drive us crazy to have the bell toll every morning and night!

elizabeth kartchner said...

i am freaking out at Taimi??!! she's so big. K, she is your little twin in those last pictures.

I have to go back and read what you wrote I was too excited to leave a comment!! xoxox