Friday, November 18, 2011


I was trying to come up with the title for this blog post while looking at this picture all I could do was laugh "hahahaha" so there you have it folks.
I am almost always the first one up in our house. Sometimes when Chris knows I am tired he will sneak Taimi out of our room and let me sleep.
(this is her "say cheese" face
I love it!
The only cheese she knows is the stinky aged European cheese which is why her cheese face is a stinky cheese face.
I like getting up for a few reasons mostly because I love watching Taimi wake up and walk into our living room. Sometimes she walks in wearing my little piggy shoes. Either way I always hear her little feet pitter patter against our floors.
Taimi may just be the pickiest eater in the entire universe.
So via this incredible womens blog
We went and bought a nice blender and are making green smoothies every day.
Chris and I love them.
This little peanut on the other hand needs so coaxing...meaning...
Chris and I secretly sneak her green juice in a empty juice box.
Sometimes it works sometimes it takes a little more coaxing.
Taimi is hilarious! She is always making us laugh and acting out movies.
Her favorite one to act out is winnie the pooh when he sings while
"up down and tough the ground" where he is trying to improve his appetite.
She even says "stuff and fluff" while she ties the hole that just ripped in her back.
Than she drags over a chair to one of our cupboard looking for something to eat "milk, honey, chocolate"
We went to our first away game a few weeks ago and after having to pay 7 Euros each it might be our last.
Taimi feel asleep in the car and slept in Freidrikes arms for almost half the game.
Which is amazing. If you have been to a European professional game you know they have noise makers, drums, drums and more drums.

We fed the sister missionaries a couple days ago. They are so great! Memories started flooding in from my mission it was nice.

Next weekend Chris has Friday-Sunday off :) and it just so happens to be the weekend all the Christmas markets kickoff. HECK to the Yeah! I am so excited! I have 3 that are a must see and can't wait. We weren't hear in German last year this time so we are anxious to see what it has to offer.

They put up a 50 foot tall tree in our square RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.
It's real so the square smells like pine needles we are not getting a christmas tree so it's nice to smell the tree when I open my window or walk outside.
They put lights on half of it already and they are starting to set up little green roofed ginger bread huts next to the tree. I can't wait! I guess we will have a Christmas market right in my front yard.

I have been putting off potty training long enough...I think it's time

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