Monday, November 14, 2011

two cents please

I need some recommendations and I figure this blog might be the best way. So please if you have any impute comment comment comment :)

1. I want to do like a 3 day detox or cleanse. Does anyone have any recommendations or information? If so please let me know.
I googled it and there are like 10 billion results sheesh!

2. I want to get Chris some cologne for Christmas (shhhhh) he is totally out. I usually buy Jean Paul Gaultier and Very Sexy but I think we want to try something new this time around. What are some of your favorites? The fragrance shops here are incredibly daunting so I think going in with a few new ones will be much better.

3. Have any of you tried hyaluronic acid serum? Before I get some I wanted to hear a first hand account on the product and it's effectiveness.

4. Who out there has some picky incredibly finicky eaters?? I DO!?! and I am totally lost on the subject any guidance whatsoever will be so appreciated.

danke schön


Melanie said...

My sister has an awesome cleanse that she does. It's a lot of green smoothies/raw ingredients.

She also has good ideas for picky eaters. I'll ask her where she keeps her cleanse info and send it to you.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE cologne!!! I just bought trav some for his birthday! It's called Salvatore ferragamo! So yum! And so fresh! It's like in a feisty navy bottle. He also has, lacoste-essential. And he just ran out of the one by Versace, it's in a light blue bottle silver lid. And aqua di gio is totally yum too!! Yum mm mm! And can't really help in the other areas, cuz I have an extremely picky eater, I don't cleanse cuz I am pregnant and I don't know what the acid serum is u r talking about! :) xoxo