Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You're TWO two 2

Once Chris and I notices she was up we jumped on the bed hollering happy birthday you're two. She just smiled and laid there.
We made her the breakfast of champions Nougat bits. Chocolate squares filled with chocolate nougat.
After breakfast we opened presents. She got some playmobil toys from the playmobil fun park.
She loves her new toys. I put them in a little draw string bag and she carried them around all day.
The day was low key but it was all about Taimi we spent the either on the floor playing with her or walking around with her it was fun.
Before lunch we took a walk around the block.

We had lunch at "the" Italian restaurant while still playing with her toys.

Taimi got 2 cakes because she is 2 of course and Daddy wouldn't have it any other way.
Taimi knows the Happy Birthday song VERY WELL!!
She enjoys blowing out candles. At all the restaurants we eat at they have candles burning on top the tables so she will sing the song and blow out the candles.
We sang to her about 6 times that night per cake
I have her singing on camera but can't upload it :(
The whole day we would shout "Taimi you're two" and she would reply "two"
"Taimi why do you get two cakes?" and she would reply "Im two"
The next day our friends FriedeRike and Sebastian threw her a birthday party with all our friends.
It was a Unicorn themed party and they put up a ton of decorations.
They are the greatest friends!!
I made Taimi a vanilla three tiered cake with strawberry cream cheese filling with strawberry icing. It was so delicious! I was mighty proud of the thing.

Log and Natalie got her a little green bear that also is connected to a blanket just like taimi girl.

The Grunke family came they have 3 cute little kids that played with Taimi.

Again we sang to her a few times and again she got 2 cakes.
Every single person even got up and we had a giant game of ring around the rosies!
We are so glad Chris's teammates and our friends came to celebrate Taimi with us. The team got her this cute little table and chairs to play and color on.

Thank you for making Taimi's birthday abroad so special.

I will keep trying to upload some pictures of the party.

Today we are having the missionaries over for dinner. Cooking Schnitzel with egg noodles and homemade alfredo sauce. For dessert oatmeal butterscotchies :)

Taimi is hilarious she has taken upon herself to use our white clean walls as a canvas for her artwork (picture to follow in the near future)
I am looking forward to cleaning it off with a blow dryer...NOT

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