Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rambling on...

Right now I am loving reading every few months I go through stages where I read like a mad women and than slow it down a bit and come back to reality. I get so emotionally involved in books it's as if I joined the story and I am among the characters that fire up my imagination.
Sometimes I cry when I finish a book like I have lost a long time friend that I will never see again.
It sounds strange doesn't it.
I do the same thing with movies.
Every time I watch Toy Story 3 I sob like a baby cause it's the end. I hate endings!
I have read Goose Girl, Inkheart and The Spiderwick Chronicles all in the last 3 days. I LOVED GOOSE GIRL loved loved loved it.
Inkheart was good I was excited to watch the movie after I read the book. It was a complete disappointment the book is a million times better.
and the Spiderwick Chronicles are cute I read those ones in a matter of hours. I read while taimi naps or sleeps. Chris goes to practice at 8pm and thats about when Taimi goes to bed so I have a good 3 hours to kill until Chris gets home again.

I came across this website
I really have had a lot of fun with it.


Lisa said...

Ashley I love your pictures!! Your baby is growing up so fast!
I am totally like that with books, I will go in spurts(not even sure if that is a real word. need to read more!) and then i will do other things like work, laundry, shower, boring stuff! Have you read the book Thief or Revolution? LOVE THEM!
Miss seeing you, You must come play at our house with the Tavernari's next summer!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I totally feel the same with books! Just read the Gallagher Girls and loved the heck out of them but I'm so sad cause the next book won't come out for a year...a YEAR! Ah! Anyway, I love all your posts - Taimi's amazing b-day, her b-day party with the team, coloring the walls, coughing in church, etc... All were fun to read and all made me miss you guys so much!

PS. The Book Thief and Revolution are indeed great books! That woman knows what she is talking about :) hahaha