Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Budingen And The Frogs

A wonderful lady named Ursula gave us a bunch of recommendations on old golthic cities. Budingen was one of them and it's only 30 minutes away so we hopped in our van and decided to spend the day there.
We started at this cute little clothing store where Chris bought 170 Euros worth of really nice stuff for only 30 BOOYAH that is what I call bargain shopping.
It was so nice to get a few things for Chris because Taimi and I are usually the ones spending...ok I guess just I.
Taimi was a little angel the whole time she kept occupied and busy.
Don't ask I have no idea what she is reading hahaha she is so funny.
mmmmmm interesting name.

Budingen was so perfect.
It was the perfect size for us. We don't really like the really big and busy cities we prefer the little small villages.

The small villages with tiny doors and streets and of course frogs.
One thing we couldn't figure out is why frogs were scaling building all over the city. We probably saw 10 or so frogs through out Budingen it was hilarious
At around 4ish they start to turn on all the Christmas lights and thats when it really gets fun and romantic.
Their post box, how cute.

More frogs
I love how in Europe all their buildings and houses seem to be built on top of each other there's no sign of claustrophobic or personal space when it comes to buildings and houses.
also it's normal to find one leaning this drastically.

About 6 Christmas trees freckled this little town it was so nice especially since we don't have one.
Seriously what's up with the frogs.
This is the opening of the city wall.
I love how cities still have a wall and mote.

We had the best time and have already been back since and might even go again.

Today Chris is at a promotional event for the kids in the area. Taimi and I went for a minute but decided we would rather be at home in a quiet, warm and peaceful house. There was far to many screaming stinky elementary kids.
I get to talk in church on Sunday I am pretty excited I found some amazing stories now I just need to find a way to stop crying when I share them so people can understand me. In our Italian restaurant today I was running one of the stories past Chris to see if he liked it and ended up sobbing...in a small restaurant I am not going to lie I made it a little awkward for the people trying to eat next to us.

We go home in 12 days! JUST 12!!!!
I will post the story soon it really is such a great one.


Daryl and McCall said...

Haha your posts crack me up. We're so excited to see you guys soon! Bring home pictures of all 12 frogs please

Cindy said...

Love you and your amazing photos

Anonymous said...

I think the frogs are the towns 'animal' so to speak. The place can apparently get infested with frogs at the right time of year - though I've never seen any. :)
I was there this Christmas and loved it! Wish to go back again soon, but sadly we live in Australia so it quite out of the way.