Saturday, December 3, 2011

Frankfurt all dressed up

Chris has the weekend off so we spent every day visiting a different village, city and Christmas Market.
We spent one evening in Frankfurt.
It was beautiful but SO CROWDED! We shuffled along shopping and eating while little Taimi slept half the time.
One big shopping center was giving out free Lindt Chocolates and they had a Santa walking around. We went into that store more than once :)
We searched high and low and finally found a backpack that is the perfect size for Chris...I think it may even be a tad big. Best part is this one was just laying outside of a store BONUS!
Doesn't Chris look so European. This particular evening it was so warm no coats needed.
It was beautiful
The Frankfurt market spans a few good miles. It's huge!
SCONES!!! SCORE!! I love scones especially ones smothered in Nutella
In the Old square they have a giant Christmas tree like every other square in Germany along with a beautiful Nativity.
We didn't spend to much time cause it was to crowded next time we won't go on a Saturday night.

They had a band or I guess it would be an orchestra playing a top of this building. They were playing Christmas carols it was so festive
A double decker carousel!

I perfer the smaller quieter less crowded markets but this one sure was Christmas-ie
After some shopping in Zara, Mango and a few other favorite stores we made our way back to the parking garage only to find out in 2 hours we had to pay 6 Euro (cough)

We sang Christmas songs on the way home ate at Stars and than watched Home Alone while making some cookies it was a great night.

Today Chris is away at a game we miss him. It's been super cold and rainy today so Taimi and I have just been chilling at home playing together.

I can't believe it's December 15 days and counting!

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Cindy said...

wow looks so fun... I love the lights and your in Germany... Brilliant...