Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My Mom has been 38 for the last 12 years or so we all just keep going along with it probably because she really does look 38.
We took our Mom for her "38th" birthday to The Cheese Cake Factory. We even all drove up in the same car. It's probably been the longest time all of us girls were together without any boys kids or distractions EVER...pathetic I know.
The highlights of our conversations include,

Justin Timberlake aka our waiter
Dr. Doug
DJ's vs. Ward Choristers hahaha good one Liz
Our Dad
The novel oh I mean menu, deciding and re-deciding what to order
We had a ton of good laughs and even got a little teary eyed.

Before and after dinner we went shopping mostly at the chaotic H&M
I am not used to H&M's being so busy.
I mean a line around the store just to try stuff on sheesh.
I am so very lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful and inspiring women who nudge me along and teach me every step of the way.
After dinner we all meet at a bowling ally and threw some strikes. My Mom is a heck of a bowling who has impeccable form.
6 kids (3 girls and 3 boys)
3 son-in-laws and 1 daughter in-law
7 grandkids (6 girls 1 boy) and one heck of a life!
I love watching our family grow!
Happy Birthday Mom!


Chelsea said...

Wow, you have such a BEAUTIFUL family!

Allison J Brown said...

KC took me to H&M this weekend for our first time since it has been open! It WAS way chaotic and so so crazy. Also, the other H&Ms I've been to seemed to have a bigger selections and more variety of style. You all look so beautiful. KC and I both looked at these pictures .. we love you! Taimi is cute in her hat, headband and sunglasses.