Sunday, January 15, 2012


Time is flying,
thank goodness.
I am ready to switch things up a bit.
Chris only has a month and a half of regular season games and then the play offs begin.
Once we win those it's done. We will be home in no time!
Time isn't the only thing flying and soaring by.
Chris is killing it on the floor.
With his sweet finger roll
hook shot
And some good looking dunks
I just can't believe the season is almost over that makes me so happy.
I am in love with this little hat (I guess it's not little at all) we got Taimi.
I put it on her when she watches lion king :)
She is so cute and is really enjoying dressing up and trying new things.
She is my little diva fashionista.
The day Taimi was born all I wanted was orange tic tacs and lays original potato chips.
Camille came to the rescue with both items.
Just like her Mommy Taimi loves orange tic tacs. We bought her one of those jumbo containers and let her eat them during the ride home.
Once we got home I was going to make some delicious bacon risotto (yum) so I told her not to eat any more tic tacs so her tummy would have room for risotto.
She just gave me a giant grin the kind where her nose scrunches up too and heads for her tent.
Obviously she was trying to hid but I could still see into her tent where she was sitting.
I heard the tic of the tacs as she tipped them over to get a few out.
She was surprised to hear my voice and gave me her giant scrunched grin again.
Again I heard her trying to eat her tic tacs "Taimi, no more." again the smile.
She decided she needed a new hiding spot.
She didn't pay any mind that I could indeed hear her trying to eat them.
This time she hid behind the tent and couch where I couldn't see her. But I still caught her 2 more times trying to sneak a tic tac before dinner.
She was amazed and thought I had super powers.

Today it felt like March. Taimi just had on a light fleece and a little beanie.
It was strange, seeing how it's in the middle of January.

Chris won his game on Saturday shooting 100% from the field booyeah!
Chris and I have been having root beer float star wars parties after Tiami goes to bed it's been fun. I probably spend half the time asking a million questions.
"who is that again"
"is he bad"
"is he good"
"wait I thought he was bad"
"who is the republic"
"is the republic good"
"why are their tentacles coming out of his head"


KaSs MiLeS said...

i haven't seen Star Wars yet. apparently its a big deal...

Chelsea said...

Wow, nice action shots of Chris! That's so cute about Taimi!

Paul Narula said...

Let me know when you are running low on root beer...

Lindy said...

You're hilarious! Sorry I'm commenting on every post! I love you though!