Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes I feel like I have no friends.
But I do.
I have the most remarkable women has friends back home and spread out across 5 different countries.
It's hard to pin point why I feel so lonely, like I have no friends sometimes.
But I am guessing it's because we move around so much some of my long time close friends and the ones I have met along the way only see a few times a year others I meet through Basketball travels I might not ever see again.
Regardless friends are great.
This is Vanessa I met her last year she is in College studying and the sweetest girl in the world. I have enjoyed so much getting to know her. Before Christmas she hung out with some sister missionaries from my church and I at our local Christmas market.
She is a real gem and I am excited to get to know her better just to say goodbye
Because that is what I say hello than shorty after...goodbye
This grand ol' bunch is from our local ward they are such marvelous people and friends always ready to support us and help us.
Yolanda and Leslie!
I am SO LUCKY to have met these to remarkable women.
Yolanda is spontaneous, outgoing, fearless and hilarious
Leslie is honest, reliable, sincere and incredibly thoughtful.
They both have made this year in Germany so memorable.
Yolanda and our trips to the base and ikea not to mention thanksgiving dinner and our Thailand meal cooked with the hands of a lady from Thailand.
Also our shopping excursion to Primark via the train.
Leslie and our cut to short visits at her place, Meeting President Uchtforf, breakfast with Santa, Thanksgiving and other dinners
Also all the games her and her family come to.

And last but not least FriedeRike the most unique and awesome person. She took me under her loving arms the first moment she met me.
She took me dancing the other night till 3am AHHHH it was so nice to get some time out of the house and dance the night away.
I hope I don't forget that night and how hilarious it was with Jared being, well, Jared.
She is always so much fun I love it when she is around.

I am going to be so sad saying goodbye to the friends we have met here who have enriched our time in Germany but honestly I can't wait to see all my friends back home!!

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Chelsea said...

Ah everyone loves you! It must be hard when you're away from your family and main support system though!