Monday, February 27, 2012

Despite of; notwithstanding;

I love you despite of the fact that when we wrestle you forget you are at least 3 times bigger than me and around 97.5 times stronger.

I love you notwithstanding the wonderful times I have when I fall inside the toilet bowl due to your "cute" forgetfulness.

I love you despite the fact that when we agree to share a meal or dessert you take 6 gargantuan bits to my 1 normal size bite (lol) leaving me with maybe 3 bites total and a little hungry.

I love you notwithstanding the piles of basketball gear that are drenched in your perspiration.

I love you when you hold me tight after wrestling cause one of us got hurt...usually you even though you are 97.5 times stronger than me...I play diiiirty.

I love it when you are genuinely concerned for me as I yelp from the bathroom with a soggy behind.

I love how sorry you are when you see my face once we realize the meal we were just sharing is all gone and I wanted more. I love how you offer to go back to the restaurant or grocery store or even the offers to bake or make more. I know you will do anything for me.

I love how good you are about doing the laundry for your basketball gear and how sweet you are when you recognize I did it for you.

I love everything about you especially the "despite of's" and "notwithstanding(ings)"



Chris had his last regular season game this past weekend. We also have such a great turn out of supporters and friends. Here are two of my very good friends here in Germany Leslie and Pamela.

The game went into overtime it got so loud especially with the drums from our fans and the opposing team's fans.
But nothing stops Taimi from doing what she wants to do. In this case she wanted to sleep.
Did I mention we lost? Good cause who cares about that part.

How cute is she?! She is getting so big. I love watching her grow out of her clothes play with her toys start to read books and talk more.


Jonathan and Kiri said...

So cute! I love that I could copy and paste the "despite of; notwithstanding"s into our own life. Maybe not the wrestling part. I guess I need to learn how to fight dirty! I'm glad you guys had such a great end of season game. Win or lose, what matters are the moments anyway :)

Can't wait to have you guys visit! Love you all!

Cindy said...

I love your blog so much call me honey as soon as you can